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New flash

2008-06-27 16:41:09 by trdef1

Me and HeHaw are making a new animation. Its going to be around 15 minutes long and split into 4 to 5 parts. Im animating and he's doing the main story. Its basically a zombie-come-survival film/short. More soon!


2008-01-29 11:28:24 by trdef1

Well im now 14.
It was my birthday 22nd of Jan.

I got a new webcam and headset which I have been using for gaming. Working on some new stuff. Get back to you later people.

Collabs, Collabs, Collabs....

2007-10-06 15:30:56 by trdef1

well im in 3 colabs atm (the 50 frames one which is fbf, the dont annoy a vending machine thing one and the rocketship colab) i also could be writing a story for a game and i am helping a lot with a skating animation (fbf again) for jack-o-sticks :)


2007-08-12 15:54:31 by trdef1

Well im working on some new flash but..... dum dum dummmmmmm............ they are absolutly pants. The only good thing i have is mario :( but oh well better keep working. Also my vocal talents are free for any one who needs a voice actor.