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New flash

2008-06-27 16:41:09 by trdef1

Me and HeHaw are making a new animation. Its going to be around 15 minutes long and split into 4 to 5 parts. Im animating and he's doing the main story. Its basically a zombie-come-survival film/short. More soon!


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2008-06-27 17:52:38

I like zombie movies. Good luck.

trdef1 responds:

Thanks. Its gonna be 4 or5 parts and is gonna be using a lot of music. I expect it to take me atleast 6 months for the whole thing


2008-08-14 08:09:30

Hmmm intresting. A while ago, you wondered whether I would like to help. Now I have made the decision to help, if you wish. I can provide you with weapons, and sound effects.